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The competition system requires that the gymnasts have natural physical and mental attributes. There are no hard and fast requirements, as it is known that strength in some areas compensate for challenges in other areas. It is hard to predict a gymnasts ultimate potential as a junior, due to their young age, and physical development.

Competition is part of every day life. We strive to be the best we can be in athletics, business, school exams, and as parents and educators. This competitive spirit, however, must be learned and developed. This is best started during the early character shaping years. The spirit of competition lies within the human psyche, waiting to be nurtured and developed for real world application throughout our lives.

We at CGA are committed to fostering a healthy spirit of competition among our young student athletes. There can be a place for everyone on the competitive gymnastics field; and the reality is that a rare few will make it to the top. It must therefore be the process, and not the outcome, that is emphasized.

Accomplishment and success come to fruition only after a sometimes long and arduous process. Our challenge then is to nurture the gymnast in a healthy, wholesome, enjoyable environment, emphasising sound, progressive fundamentals, so as to become a model for others to live by. Coaches at CGA believe that it is important for every gymnast to get as much out of this sport as they possibly can, while at the same time having an incredibly positive experience.

We ask that parents recognise the processes and help keep undue pressure off the gymnast with its risk of premature and unfulfilled retirement.

             Success:  "To be the best that you are capable of becoming."

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