Contemporary Gymnastics Academy 

42 Tennant Street, Welshpool  Western Australia 6106

Selection for our Competitive Program. Places are Limited.

All new gymnasts interested in joining our competitive program must go through our assessment process. These are important so that we can place the gymnast in the best possible place in the programme where they will be most happy and successful.


JUNIOR GYM (Aged 18mnth - 3 years) Friday 9.30 - 10.15am

JUNIOR GYM (Aged 3 - 4 years) Monday 10.30 - 11.15am

DEVELOPMENT BOYS (aged 4 -6 years) - Friday 4 - 5pm

RECREACTIONAL GIRLS (Aged 6 Plus) - Monday & Friday 4.30 - 6pm

BOYS GYM (Aged 6 Plus) - Monday & Friday 4.30 - 6pm

Placement into the National and International programs are by invitation only.

We offer competition opportunities such as inter squad; inter club, state, and national competition. At times our gymnasts will also travel as a club internationally for competition.

From time to time we provide opportunities for display and demonstrations at different events and occasions.

It is obvious that gymnastics is a very technical sport whose very nature encourages a search for perfection. Advancement and success in the sport requires mastery of basic skills.

Acceptance into the Competitive programme is based on a number of factors including but not limited to:

  • Current physical ability
  • Perceived potential ability
  • Attitude and demeanour
  • Work ethic
  • Age
  • Willingness to meet the demands of the programme
  • Parental support


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